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WHY Join Us?

Benefit of competing in the market with the help of world class members

There is no denying to the fact that the freight forwarding industry has become one of the most competitive industry globally. With decreasing margins and increase in customers awareness every day, it is vital to have member partners which are phenomenally world class and can support you grow in this cut throat competitive market. In this matter, WPL network would provide great opportunity to all its esteemed members to support each other, by the help of, their experience and infrastructures.

Physical presence of offices and regional partners globally

WPL Network Limited is one of the few networks globally with physical offices and regional partners in multiple countries, giving it an edge over the networks which are only present in the virtual world.

Strict process of membership acceptance

WPL limited reserves the right to grant or revoke the membership to any member, if the not abide by the rules and regulations of the network. WPL Network grants memberships to the agents who have a good reputation in the market, are trustworthy, especially, in terms of payments and commitments. Two references of members would be required in order to approve the membership.

Annual conference

To build a strong and long term relationships, be it personal or professional, it is utmost important to meet and/or know the other individual in person, furthermore, as freight forwarding industry is so stressful it is vital for the people working in it to have a break and travel to some destination. Well in order to cater work and recreation at the same time WPL network holds annual conference at one of the many tourist destinations globally. Meet with your partners, work in the daytime and relax in the evening.

Payment Security

WPL Network would create a pool fund in which the members would pay a yearly amount of USD 500, in which they would be secure up to USD 20000. Furthermore, WPL Network would be offering Trade credit insurance policies, for which are members would have to pay a yearly subscriptions for this.

WPL Incentive Program

If the WPL members conduct business activities between each other, they would be rewarded with USD 5/ FCL and USD 0.01/kg for Air shipments. For points they would have to provide with BL/AWB Copies and Email correspondence, HBL/HAWB must be involved otherwise the points would not be rewarded. The reward amount which would paid in USD or can also be used as a fee waiver, would not exceed more than the yearly subscription fee (i.e. USD 1400).

Dedicated Sales Team

WPL Network has a dedicated Sales team, which would help the members to get their target rates and requirements fulfilled in order to secure the cargo/shipments. The agents can share the queries with the network directly, the sales team, would jointly work on the query to produce the desired results.

Cargo leads section / Agency Section on the Web page

Keeping in mind the value of time, the webpage has a cargo leads & inquiry section where the members can post the inquiries and the country they select, an Email would automatically be generated to the members of that particular country, moreover, the inquiry would also be shown on the cargo leads section of the website. If a member wants an agent in a particular country, there is a section for that on the website where they can post and an automatic email would also be generated to members of that particular country.

All Inclusive Concept

In this modern era of technology and cost cutting, outsourcing had become a norm, due to which WPL network has brought an all-inclusive memberships in which all the members can pay and subscribe for the same fee and portray their expertise to the globe.

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