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Transaction policy

Subscription fees for membership

It is mandatory for all the members to pay the subscription charges per annum set by the management of the WPL Network LTD.

The fees is payable every twelfth month after the member has been accepted.

If a member does not pay the fee in the first seven days passed after the due date, a penalty fee would be charges of USD 100, and if the payments is still not received after 21 days of the due date the membership would be terminated.

If a member resigns or terminated before the due date, there would be no refund of any kind to the member regarding the subscription fees per annum.

The fees per annum is not at all transferable under any scenario.

The payments shall only be carried out through legal payment channels, under any circumstance WPL NETWORK LTD. would not be responsible if a member does not abide by.



In order to provide the best customer services WPL network collects the personal information of all the members. Moreover it gives us a better edge over the delivery or services to the customers, also helps us to focus efficiently. WPL NETWORK LTD. Fully understands the risk of the leakage of personal information, in terms of this, WPL does not sell or rent your information to any marketing firm or agency.

There can be times we would have to share information with the law enforcements agencies, only if it is deduced that there is something illegal to threat to any kind of national security.

WPL takes all kinds of steps to ensure the safety of personal information provided by our esteemed members.

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