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Subscription fees for membership

It is mandatory for all the members to pay the subscription charges per annum set by the management of the WPL Network LTD.

The fees is payable every twelfth month after the member has been approved to be the part of the network.

If a member does not pay the fee in the first seven days passed after the due date, a penalty fee would be charges of USD 100, and if the payments is still not received after 21 days of the due date the membership would be terminated.

If a member resigns or terminated before the due date, there would be no refund of any kind to the member regarding the subscription fees per annum.

The fees per annum is not at all transferable under any scenario.

The payments shall only be carried out through legal payment channels, under any circumstance WPL NETWORK LTD. would not be responsible if a member does not abide by.


In order to provide the best customer services WPL network collects the personal information of all the members. Moreover it gives us a better edge over the delivery of services to the customers, also helps us to focus efficiently. WPL NETWORK LTD. Fully understands the risk of the leakage of personal information, in terms of this, WPL does not sell or rent your information to any marketing firm or agency. There can be times we would have to share information with the law enforcements agencies, only if it is deduced that there is something illegal or threat of any kind to the national security.

WPL takes all kinds of steps to ensure the safety of personal information provided by our esteemed members.


US $


The company submitting the application through this website must be a logistics service provider. After the submission of the application, does not, in any way means that the membership of the WPL network has been granted, it is mere an application in line for approval.


WORLD PARNER’S IN LOGISTICS (WPL) NETWORK is an autonomous and proficient global network of prominent transportation and logistics providers that specialize in Air, Ocean & Land Freight Forwarding and all kinds of logistics services.


All the logistics companies are entitled to register with the WPL network LIMITED. The process of granting memberships would be the same regardless of the strength, size or market status of the entity, there would be no discrimination. However, companies with their customized websites and own domain emails would be preferred. There is no limit regarding the number of members per location. WPL Network Limited’s management has all the right to grant or to reject the application of any company without any provision of reasons.


Deliberately/ free-willingly resigning from the membership

If the initial subscription is not paid within 15 days of the grant of membership

If the per annum subscription is not paid until 10 days of the due date

A company which was owned by only one individual and the owner expires, or, if the company is dissolved, and/ or more than half of the company’s stocks are sold/transferred, in these cases the membership would be terminated with immediate effect

If a member does not respond to the WPL management at all, and/or any of the policy of the network is not followed

If the standard of business are not met by any member

Numerous complaints regarding a particular member

If a member does not abide by the policies of financial pool fund

Non-attendance at Conferences in 2 consecutive years.

If a member is not able to maintain the local licenses regarding the logistics business

If a member willingly resigns or the membership is terminated due to any reason, the member would not receive any kind of refund of the annual subscription they have paid. Furthermore, the subscription charges paid or the membership is not at all transferable under any scenario.

If a member resigns or is terminated they would have to remove the Logo or any kind of material they would be using related to WPL network LIMITED, Moreover, they also agree to not to market any affiliations with WPL Network LIMITED.

Members should also agree that all the decisions and actions carried out by the WPL management are final and the members have to abide by them. Furthermore, if there is a termination members agree that the WPL management will inform the other members regarding the termination and if need be, the reason for the termination.


To build a strong and long term relationships, be it personal or professional, it is utmost important to meet and/or know the other individual in person, furthermore, as freight forwarding industry is so stressful it is vital for the people working in it to have a break and travel to some destination. Well in order to cater work and recreation at the same time WPL network holds annual conference at one of the many tourist destinations globally. Meet with your partners, work in the daytime and relax in the evening.

The annual conference announcement would be made through newsletters and website each year. All the members attending would be able to meet face-to-face and they shall be scheduling meeting before hand through the website. Unofficial meetings can be planned at the venue as well.

Any member not attending the annual conference shall have to pay US$ 400 as a penalty, however, if there are genuine problems, the members can reach out the WPL management, those members can be exempted from attending the conference.

Settlements of accounts

WPL network expects that all the members would abide by the general logistics industry accounting standards and settle their payment in a timely manner, however, if agreements in written between the members have been made than that should be followed.


If there are any disputes between the members, WPL management is there to help and solve the issues. Furthermore, all the parties will accept the decisions made by the majority.


Official language of WPL network is ENGLISH

All the rights, logo and any material related to WPL NETWORK LIMITED is ownership of WPL NETWORK LIMITED.

All the members are advised to communicate via Emails

Members shall keep the accounts and other documents in MS office or adobe files so that they can be shared easily.

WPL network is not responsible for any damages, legal claims beyond the amount of membership subscription per annum paid by the specific member.

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