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Company Introduction

WORLD PARTNER’S IN LOGISTICS (WPL) NETWORK is an autonomous and proficient global network of prominent transportation and logistics providers that specialize in Air, Ocean & Land Freight Forwarding and Niche/Specialized market services..


WPL is not a logistics company, but a prominent platform for all the freight forwarders and logistics service providers from around the world, which bridges them for mutual benefits, giving them sense of security and co-operation. WPL Network was established with the aim of strengthening and supporting the business cooperation between all the member companies and provide them with an online platform for all the members.


WHY WPL? (Benefits)

  • • Compete in present Market with the benefit of phenomenal World Class Members
  • • Memberships only granted to the companies with good reputation and who are trustworthy. Strict screening process is carried out before granting the membership.
  • • Immediate global network coverage
  • • Face to face meetings at the annual conference.
  • • Payment security within the network.
  • • WPL incentive program // usd 5/ container (sea) usd 0.01/kg (air).
  • • WPL network has a sales team who would work on the queries so that the members can get the lowest and the most competitive rates
  • • Keeping in mind the value of time, the webpage has a cargo leads & inquiry section where the members can post the inquiries and the country they select, an Email would automatically be generated to the members of that particular country, moreover, the inquiry would also be shown on the cargo leads section of the website.
  • • If a member wants an agent in a particular country, there is a section for that on the website where they can post and an automatic email would also be generated to that country’s members.
  • • If a member wants good rates for a particular sector, WPL network sales team jointly works on the matter and get the member the best rates for the sector.

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